A Gallery of Circumcisions

7. Excessive Skin Removed


the same, erect uneven 16
This high circumcision has removed about 2/3 of the skin of the penis. On erection, the hairy scrotal skin is drawn up the shaft. This penis was exhibited by its owner on a circumfetishist website as an object of beauty.


excessive skin removed... ...and glans partially ablated and repaired
Not only has too much skin been taken, leaving a tight erection and a hairy shaft, but part of the glans has been ablated and poorly repaired.

The scrotal skin is drawn half way up the shaft, while the glans is tilted downward. Excess skin removed


This man's frenulum has been ablated and a further (yellowish) slice made down the centre.

split and ablated frenulum split and ablated frenulum
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On the back and side of his penis are small skin bridges.


Iatrogenic Hypospadias
Iatrogenic hypospadias

In circumcising this man (unnecessarily) at 17 for phimosis, the doctor has not only removed all the frenulum, but cut into the urethra, creating a iatrogenic hypospadias and dividing the glans in two.


recent botched cutting, bleeding and dehiscence
This picture was taken by the mother soon after the botch. The doctors told her they "weren't expecting his foreskin to be so long and thick". Her full story is here.


Plastibell Horrors

The Plastibell is often described as a "non-cutting" (and therefore painless) method of circumcision.
These were briefly posted (with the comments shown) on a photo-sharing website.

Plastibell complication 1

Plastibell ring which has migrated proximally onto
[down] the penile shaft 8 days after [mutilation].
Plastic bell complication 2

Extensive skin loss over penile shaft. Same patient as 1
[He wasn't a "patient" until after he was mutilated.]
Plastic bell complication 3

Same as 1 and 2
Plastic bell complication 4 fistula

Urethrocutaneous fistula on the corona
[hole between the urine-tube and the skin at the flange of the head]
at age of 2 years. Fistula had been present since neonatal period.

[The hole is actually well below the corona,
on the place the frenulum used to be - it has been completely removed.
Notice also the scarring of the sulcus
- black skin scars more readily than white.

Plastibell complication 5 - necrosis

Partial necrosis [death] of glans penis seen on 13th day post-circumcision.


ablation by monopolar electrocautery
Glans burnt off by monopolar electocuatery in Syria, 2019.
Skin-bridges Skin-tags
Scarring Unevenness
skin removed
Varicose Veins Malapposition
Wound dehiscence
For further complications see
the list of Reasons Not To Circumcise
and the Complications page
which includes death.




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