A Gallery of Circumcisions

3. Scarring


Scarring 21

Scarring 22

These penises would probably be considered "normal" by the men who own them or the doctors who cut them. But the very fact that they are so different indicates that circumcision has varying effects. Notice also the dried, crepey keratinised glanses.


Scarring 18


Scarring 1All of the frenulum has been removed on one side, and most on the other. The scarred area extends well down the shaft. This kind of damage is done in the unsupported belief that only the glans is important to sexual sensation, and also inavertently, since the tiny baby's penis is cut without knowing how it will grow.

All of these pictures were taken from pinups aimed at gay men.


Only a tiny thread of the frenulum remains after this man's circumcision. Uneven scarring runs down one side. The spot is probably a tiny skin-tag. Since circumcised babies' penises are allegedly "maintenance-free", few mothers know that they have authorised this kind of damage to their sons.Scarring 2


Scarring 3
Scarring to this penis is extensive, resembling the scars caused by terrible burns. The man is lucky to be left a tiny remnant of his frenulum.


Scarring 4Scarring 4, retracted
This circumcision is very loose, and the penis might easily be mistaken for an inact one. Its swollen appearance may be because its owner has augmented its volume with a vacuum pump.
When retracted, however, it reveals a large extent of scarred tissue.



Scarring 8


Scarring 14


Scarring 10


Scarring 24


Scarring 23


Scarring 11


Scarring 12


Scarring 25 Scarring 25
This was in a photoset called
"Body Beautiful".
The doctor has excavated the sulcus
and created a partial skin-bridge
- probably without ever knowing what he did.


Scarring 13
This example was in a series entitled
"Everybody's All-American"
- a scar-spangled banner, perhaps?


Scarring 9
As well as the uneven scarring, this man's penis shows suture-holes.


Scarring 5

Scarring 19 - hypertrophic

This kind of scarring is known as


Scarring 7

Scar 15A broad hypertrophic scar encircles the shaft, perhaps resulting from dehiscence (wound-tearing).

This was presented in a sequence including the comment:
"Few things in life can match the fine craftsmanship of the male physique."


Ablated frenulum  scar 16  Ablation 2
These men have had their
frenula completely removed.


notched glans 1  Notched glans 2
These notches were probably inflicted on the glans in a freehand circumcision.


partial ablation (removal) of the glans (head)
One possibility here is that a Gomco clamp was used with the wrong-sized bell,
and when the doctor cut the skin, s/he cut around under the bell and cut the head as well.


Notched glans 3
This glans has been damaged when the frenulum was removed.


Multiple botches

It should hardly be surprising that one circumcision may be botched in more than one way. This one is botched in four ways.

1. Buried penis, caused by removal of too much skin.

Multiple 1: buried penis

2. Hairy shaft on erection, caused by removal of too much skin.

Multiple 2: hairy shaft

3. Double meatus (opening), caused by untreated meatal ulcer or a complication of treatment for meatal stenosis. This results in a double stream of urine.

Multiple 3: two openings multiple 3: double urine stream

4. Scarred glans. "My parents said 'There was one complication, which could have been serious. The technique back then to get the least possible scarring was to slide a clear plastic tube over the cut surface, this was so tight that we got the doctor to cut it off after a couple of days, but still the pain persisted, we called the doctor in again another couple of days later and he discovered that a second clear sleeve was on there!' Therefore another reason for the scar around the glans could be that this tube was so tight that the end of it cut into me, which may explain why the scars are deeper and wider at both sides, where the glans start to protrude from the shaft. " [This could be a reference to a PlastiBellTM.]

Multiple 4: scar

The penis' owner says: " If my photos help just one person to decide not to have a circumcision, then I will be pleased."


Scarring Unevenness
skin removed
Varicose VeinsMalapposition
Wound dehiscence
For further complications see
the list of Reasons Not To Circumcise
and the Complications page
which includes death.



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