A Gallery of Circumcisions

2. Skin-tags


A skin-tag is a remnant of the foreskin left hanging free after circumcision. (And if you think that such a tag might serve to stimulate a sexual partner, just think what a whole foreskin could do!) Small blemishes like these are never counted among the costs of circumcision.

Skin tag 1


Skin tag 1


minor skin tag


''policeman's'' skin tag  ''policeman's'' skin tag


skin tagThe owner of his little mess may never have realised that his circumcision was to blame for it.


tag 1a - Gomco
A milder version of the same blemish.
The dark line indicates a Gomco clamp was used.



I have very little to no feeling in my glans. In fact, the only feeling I have is in the little “leftovers” of my foreskin.... I've never been able to come by intercourse.

Paul in Belgium


Scarring Unevenness
skin removed
Varicose VeinsMalapposition
Wound dehiscence
For further complications see
the list of Reasons Not To Circumcise
and the Complications page
which includes death.



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