A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 9


Australian model Jarrod Scott
Australian model Jarrod Scott's penis Australian model Jarrod Scott. The circumcision rate
in Australia has been falling for 50 years, and most
Australian-born men under 35 are intact.

Erik Diaz Erik Diaz's penis
Mexican actor Erik Diaz


Actor Sidhartha Rajan in "Easy"

Brazillian Brazilians's penis

This man is identified as Brazilian.
Few men in Brazil are circumcised.

Brazilian's penis Brazilian




red-lit man
red-lit man's penis Another artificial pose, but his penis is looking natural in every sense.


Man in leather vest  Man in leather vest
This man's dark raphe is very visible on his scrotum.


man with acroposthion  penis with acroposthion

This man's foreskin has a generous overhang (called by its enemies an "infantile" or "redundant" foreskin - but it would have been admired by the Greeks as his acroposthion). The underlying dartos muscle pulls his skin in front into a little spout.

vege man vege man's penis


Intact Playgirl men (offsite):

Allan Rizzo (August 1994)
Antonio Contrelle (July 1981, Man of the Year 1982)
Bobby Jordan (March 1992)
Carlos Soares (February 1976)
Chad Ullery (July 1994)
David Kelp (February 1992)
Erik Hooper (July 1979)
Geoff Helrich (September 1981)
Greg Anderson (August 1976) ?
Grahame White (December 1979) ?
Jaime Viera (July 1988)
John-Robert LeCocq (March 1981)
John Simmonds (May 1992)
Manny Medina (February 1994)
Matthew Boardman (September 1990)
Stephen Scott aka Mark Davis (August 1984)
Tanju Sion (December 1992)
Woody Parker (December 1974)
(18 intact men out of a collection of 313 - so 94% of Playgirl models are circumcised, well above the national average. Someone in Playgirl didn't like foreskins.)
One man, two penes!
"Double Dick Dude"/"Diphallic Dude" (who wisely stays anonymous)  has written two books about his experiences, in sufficient detail to indicate that  his story is basically true. The veins in the various pictures indicate that they are two different penes, and always the same two (unless he is photoshopping his twin brother's penis next to his own...)
Double Dick Dude on Reddit Double Dick Dude on tumblr
Between those photos and the next two,  he says he had surgery for greater comfort, which incidentally lengthened his penes
Double Dick Dude Double Dick Dude autographed



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