A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 8



Alfie Allen Alfie Allen's penis
Alfie Owen-Allen
Game of Thrones


Tobias Menzies Tobias Menzies' penis
Tobias Menzies

Jai Courtney Jai Courney's penis

Jai Courtney
in The Exception


Wayne Godwin Wayne Godwin's penis

Rugby player
Wayne Godwin
in an informal

There is no
telling from this
single picture
whether his
foreskin is
short or just
rolled back.


Uruguayan Uruguayan's penis Uruguayan again
Uruguayan''s penis again
The model is Uruguayan. The off-centre preputial opening is normal and may be transitory, a quirk in the way it unrolled.


Man in shed
Man in shed's penis

This man's superficial veins are quite different from the re-routed superior dorsal vein on a circumcised penis. They help give some indication how much tissue there is in a healthy adult foreskin. The blood system not only nourishes his foreskin, but helps provide warmth to his glans, protecting it (because his glans is not so rich in blood vessels) against frostbite.


Native American Native American's penis Native American again
Native American's penis again
According to the model, "American Indians don't traditionally circumcise,
and few are circumcised even today."


Sonny Landham's penis Sonny Landham
Sonny Landham
of Seminole and Cherokee descent,
appeared in porn
before his mainstream film career

another Asian man another Asian man's penis

Though his glans is exposed, this man's frenular delta shows he is intact.

The vast majority of the men of China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand are intact.

Asian man by tree Asian man by tree's penis


Australian - aboriginal Australian's penis
"Bondi work"
by Paul Freeman
a title suggesting
he may be an
aboriginal Australian.
Only some Aboriginal tribes




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