A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 3


The fans chanted
"We want Rudi
pref'rably in the nudi!"

(And well they might.)
Rudolf Nureyev Ruolf Nureyev's penis
Ballet dancer
Rudolf Nureyev
photographed by
Richard Avedon
in 1961.

"As his arms rose, so did his penis," Avedon recalled.
The next day, Nureyev got cold feet and went back to Avedon to ask for the negatives. Avedon gave them to him, and promised that those were the only ones. Avdon urged Nureyev not to destroy them, but to keep them for his old age. A few later shots were still in the camera (and strictly speaking, not yet negatives), including this one, with lowered arms, which Avedon put in his book, "The Sixties".

Adapted from "Rudolf Nureyev: The Life" by Julie Kavanagh
(which does not include this picture)


Man with muscular thighs The size of this man's thighs suggest he cycles or lifts weights.

His penis and his foreskin are of an average size.
Man with muscular thighs' penis


Man in shower In fact, penises come in many shapes...
Man in shower's penis


Man in archway ...and sizes... Man in archway - semi-erct
Man in archway's penis
...but his is a grower.
Man in archway's penis, semi-erect


Lars Stephan Lars Stephan's penis

Lars Stephan
has published
many nude images


Richi on rock Richi on rock's penis
Richi on a sofa
Richi on a sofa's penis

This man still has an overhanging
acroposthion when he's partially erect...

Richi in sculpture class Richi in sculpture class's penis Richi on rails

... yet his foreskin
retracts easily

Richi on rails' penis


Man with clenched fists   Man with clenched fist's penis

This man has an unusually prominent superior dorsal vein.
The notched appearance of its upper margin is not common,
but for the lower lip to project more than the upper one
(like a teapot - and for the same reason?) is.

Man with unclenched fists   Man with unclenched fist's penis

Here he has a slight erection, his foreskin has begun
to retract and his glans appears. His meatus is at the left
of the opening and his left meatal lip in the centre.



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